Simple DIY and Plumbing Maintenance Projects

Everyone feels tempted at one point in their life to have their home repairs done by a professional contractor. We know why this happens – it can be really intimidating to start something that you’re not very sure of, and some of you might fear that you’ll never finish the project in time or you’ll finish it poorly.

However, a simple maintenance plan can really do wonders for your wallet – not only will it be cheaper, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of doing something by yourself.

The Toilets
The toilet tank can leak water sometimes, and it can increase your utility bills, not to mention that it can also cause water damage to the bathroom floor. It happens sometimes to have the flapper from the tank broken, and this determines the leaks. Add some red food coloring in the tank and come back an hour later. If the water in the bowl is pink, then you know you’ll have to have the flapper fixed. You can do it yourself by watching a YouTube tutorial, or you can call a plumber to have the flapper changed.

The Faucets
A leaky faucet is annoying in most cases, not to mention that the continuous leak will also increase your utility bill. It’s easy to replace the leaking faucet – all you’ll have to do is turn off the main water supply, unscrew the faucet and replace it with a new one. It will cost you only the price of the new faucet, which will have no leaks at all.

The Dryer and the Washing Machine
Everyone has at least a washing machine, if not also a dryer installed in their home. It’s essential to inspect both of these devices regularly, to make sure that the water supply hoses don’t leak. Many homeowners use the water damage that’s caused by leaking washing machines supply lines as the main reason for insurance claims, and it’s quite complicated to fix everything if this happens. Because of this main reason, you need to check out the water supply lines every six months, and also replace them every few years if they’re broken. Checking everything will save you a lot of money later, not to mention that you’ll also have a functioning device in your home.

If any of these feel too complicated, or you think that you won’t pull it off by changing the faucets or replacing the supply hoses for your washing machine, then maybe it’s time to get help from a professional plumber Frankston having plenty of specialized contractors to choose from.